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The Low Rate Window is Closing

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Updates

Rates, while historically low, are beginning to rise. Market signs suggest rates will continue to slowly rise throughout 2022. If you are on the fence about a refinance or looking to buy, you still have an opportunity of a lifetime to lock in a low fixed interest rate.

I wouldn’t recommend waiting too much longer, however, because the window of opportunity is beginning to close.  Current inflation and chatter of tax increases coming from Washington DC, could fuel a push for higher interest rates sooner rather than later.  

I encourage you to contact me (phone, email, text) at your earliest convenience to discuss how I can help you lock in a historically low interest rate on a refinance or purchase before market conditions change and rates rise.  I am also always happy to chat with any friends or family members of yours who may appreciate some lending advice or direction.

“…chatter of tax increases…could fuel a push for higher interest rates sooner rather than later.”

Lending Industry Changes

Standard loan lending limits are increasing for 2022 to accommodate higher property values.  We are currently able to offer refinances and purchase transactions with these new loan limits before the start of 2022.  The new loan lending limits will be published soon for the 2022 year.

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NMLS# 332232 | DRE# 01371423


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NMLS# 332232 | DRE# 01371423